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Vintage Ysl Crossbody Bag

This Vintage Ysl crossbody bag is a top addition to your outfit, it is fabricated leather and renders a brown hue to it. It is big and comfortable to wear, making it a practical everyday bag.

Vintage Ysl Crossbody Bag Amazon

This is a Vintage Ysl crossbody bag made out of 100% high-quality cotton, this bag is filled with all the favorite Ysl elements-a small satchel, a section on the right side for your phone, and a curious patek philippe movement watch. The bag is ideal for any weekend getaway or everyday look, the yves saint lauren Vintage crossbody bag is covered in leather and renders a leatherette strap. It is sized for two, the bag grants a different design on the and is manufactured of. It is also with a number of gold stars on the the bag is finished with a golden bezel and a yves saint lauren logo, this Vintage Ysl crossbody bag is a beautiful Vintage rendition of the all-natural yellowish-green crossbody bag from the saint laurent line. The crossbody bag is produced of 100% wool and features a grosgrain graphic on the back, it is furthermore features a monogram "yves" in a cover. The bag is filled with memories and features a small, touch-and-go cash pocket for a passport or key ring, this bag is a sterling piece for a special someone, as it can be used for work, travel, or home storage. This yves saint laurent Vintage black studded leather drawstring bucket shou is a terrific bag for any occasion! It with its flung revealing straps and straps in a good condition, the yummy materials of the bag make it first-class for any outfit. and it is splendid for the everyday go-to bag.