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Fossil Fiona Large Crossbody Bag

The Fossil Fiona Large crossbody bag is superb for carrying plenty of yourself around! Withmberg's unique two-tone color scheme means you'll always know where you're putting your money, the Fossil Fiona spacious for its size, and features a comfortable shoulder strap which makes it basic to take around. Plus, the stylish crossbody bag imparts a keep your things organized type design which will make you feel confident about your money.

Fold Over Crossbody Bags

The Fossil Fiona Large crossbody bag is top-of-the-heap for taking around to various events or taking on a trip, it spacious and renders a lot of space in the sides, making it effortless to store everything you may need. The bag is manufactured of durable materials, making it a good way for shoppers who are digging for a high-quality crossbody bag, this Large crossbody bag is prime for any day-out. It is produced of durable materials and features a Fossil artwork on the bag in black and brown, this bag as well spacious to store your items, making it a fantastic spot for your groceries or snacks. This Large Fossil crossbody bag is a must-have for any in your life, it's spacious and well-made, and outstanding for carrying all of your Fossil information away from your body of water to days long past. This Fossil Fiona crossbody bag is a must-have for any woman who loves taking care of her belongings, this bag features a durable black and brown leather trim and is superb for holding all your things with a single, signature Fiona name.