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Coach Signature File Crossbody Bag

The Coach Signature File crossbody bag is a top-notch piece of equipment for your store, this bag comes with a plenty of features, including a top-grade fit for a busy woman or man. The bag is fabricated from a top-quality nylon bag material that will make you feel confident in your ability to carry any important items, additionally, the bag provides a black finish that will look good in any roomy bag setting.

In Signature Canvas Handbag - Black/brown
Crossbody In Signature Canvas Khaki Bold Pink
Signature Canvas Brown Shell Pink Crossbody Nwt $250

Signature Zip File Crossbody Bag

This Coach Signature zip File crossbody bag is a splendid substitute to carry all the influences of Coach without having to carry around a million bags, this bag is fabricated out of leather and khaki pink, both with the brand's unique "signature" design. It's perfectly tote for on-the-go uses or a quick-drying bag for a relaxing weekend, our Coach Signature File crossbody bag is exquisite for admirers who desire to feel certified and authentic when traveling. This bag comes with a certified clipboard, File box, and strap, making it a best-in-class substitute to carry your© spirit into your© world, this bag is a fantastic addition to each collection. The authentic Coach chocolate Signature File is practical for a busy person or for special occasions, this bag is sturdy and beautiful with a luxurious feel to it. The design features a heartfelt inscription on the back left side of the bag, the bag is filled with all of the features and features of the authentic Coach bag, including two zippered compartments, a front zip pocket, a back zip pocket, and a built-in-bag service. This bag is valuable for the active individual or the special occasion user, this Coach Signature File is for the brown bag type.